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  • FAQ for the Experts at Roto-Rooter Plumbers

    Can you provide routine maintenance to prevent major plumbing problems?

    Yes! We’re so glad you asked. Roto-Rooter Plumbers are happy to provide routine maintenance and inspections on your plumbing systems to help prevent clogging, backups, leaks, and other problems. We can perform routine inspections on your septic tank every one to three years and perform routine drain cleanings twice a year or as often as is needed. We do maintenance for both residential and commercial plumbing. Call us to learn more.

    My floor drain is clogged again. What can I do?

    Floor drains are notorious for frequent clogging. It’s unfortunate because floor drains are also an essential component to getting rid of excess and standing water in areas that are susceptible to flood water. You can help prevent clogs by avoiding sweeping debris or dust into the drain, and testing the drain at least twice a year by carefully pouring several gallons of water over it. If there is a blockage, contact us for professional cleaning.

    What other kinds of drains can you fix?

    Roto-Rooter Plumbers specialize in all kinds of drains that you find both in private homes and office buildings. We use eco-friendly chemical solutions and drain equipment. Call us for clogs in any of the following areas:

    • Floor drains
    • Kitchen drains
    • Shower and tub drains
    • Bathroom sink drains
    • Toilet drains
    • Downspouts
    • Main sewer lines

    Will you really come on weekends and nights?

    Yes, you can call the Roto-Rooter Plumbers emergency line and you will always get a live operator. We have local plumbers in your area who are available in an emergency. We understand that homeowners often work and can’t request plumbing services during the day. We also know that plumbing issues can happen over the weekend when most other businesses are closed. However, if you call us, we will provide assistance right away.

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